25 Before 25


Welcome to my blog! 25 Before 25 is a project I’ve had on my mind for a while… I stumbled upon a similar blog a few weeks before my 24th birthday and thought, why not?!

So I started writing down a list of 25 things I’d like to accomplish before I turn 25  by the end of this year. Some are specific and easily measurable goals/challenges where others are more on the long-term; the idea behind this blog is to document this journey to accomplishing them all.


1. Visit Europe.
There are many European destinations on my travel bucket list, and I don’t think I could all check them off before my next birthday! I still hope to visit a few places, especially the iconic cities of London and Paris.

2. Run the 5K “Run or DYE”.
My friend Lili and I are already pre-registered for the “Run or DYE” race in Montreal, and we can’t wait to be part of it! Though we registered a more than a year ago, the official date of the race hasn’t come out yet… Let’s just hope it will be for 2015!

3. Get another piercing.
I have talked about getting another piercing for at least two years now… It’s more than time I do it! For a while, I thought about getting a surface piercing on the back of my neck, but I decided to go with a vertical tragus surface piercing instead. I like how delicate, discreet, and feminine it looks.

4. Go back to New York City.
I went to New York when I was 17, for a school trip. Though it was a very nice trip, there is nothing like visiting a place on your own or with a close friend. New York is the kind of city you can never get enough of. It’s alive, colourful, vibrant… and very, very photogenic!

5. Finish my certificate in professional writing.
I already know that I won’t be able to complete this before my next birthday, but I decided to keep it on the list still to I can see how far I’ve come by the end of the year. There was a problem with my admission to university, and I have never taken a class I should have completed during my first semester. Because of this, my progress is unfortunately slowed down… But that’s okay! Since I have to wait next fall to take that missing class, I decided to start a second certificate, in a different university. That’s right: I will attend two universities and work toward two distinct degrees at the same time… I’m that crazy!

6. Be able to run 10K.
I stopped running a few years ago after a bad injury to my knee, and I never knew I missed it until I started running again last spring! However, running without a precise goal is not as much fun I think… At the moment, I can run about 6K without dying so 10K seems like a realistic and attainable goal for my 25th birthday.

7. Write an article about my experience dealing with depression and anxiety.
I’ve battled with depression a few years ago, and I am still dealing with anxiety from time to time. I feel very good now, but I’d like to write about my experience. One of the things that helped me the most when I reached the bottom, was to read stories of people who lived the same nightmare and survived it. They gave me hope, and strength. If my words can help, even only one person, they won’t be lost…

8. Take a class for fun.
I was one of those kids with a presidential schedule: dance, gymnastic and drawing classes, swimming pool on Saturday mornings, and a few language courses in between. But then, I became an adult and since college, the only classes I’ve attended  are at school. This year, I want to do something just for fun.

9. Try and book a “real” photoshoot.
Though I have some nice photographic achievements to my credit, I still have the “impostor feeling” most of the time… I feel the need to work on a “real” photoshoot; whether it’s with a client or someone I’ve convinced to model for me!

10. Buy a smaller camera.
I can already check this one off the list as I recently bought a very pretty Fuji X20. My challenge now is to learn how to use it properly! I am used to my good old Canon, and the X20 is not the simplest camera ever… But with time and practice, I will learn!

11. Organise my Lightroom catalog.
This one is much needed! My Lightroom catalog is a mess; I have changed my organisational system at least a hundred times since I started using Lightroom so there’s photos identified with tags, colours, stars… It makes it quite difficult to have a “smooth” workflow! Plus, the RAW files take up a lot of memory space on my computer, and I’d like to move the photos I’m done working on to somewhere else. Like I said, much-needed cleaning…

12. Start another photo challenge.
Last May, Lili and I created Chicks & Pics. The project is to take a photo every week for a full year, with a different theme for each week. I think I can speak for us both when I say we are pretty proud of our blog, and are totally enjoying this creative adventure! I’d like to start a similar project when this one is over, and I would love if Lili joined me!

13. Donate blood.
My dad is a regular blood donor and has been for years. He often told me how important it was to donate blood, and I’ve always said I would do it too someday. And “someday”, will be this year.

14. Travel solo.
The thought of travelling solo has always made me a little nervous, and I missed great opportunities because of it. It’s time I get out of my comfort zone!

15. Drive a Ford Mustang.
For more than a turn of the parking lot, please!

16. Get more serious about my yoga practice.
I have been practising yoga “on and off” for a while now, and I’d like to get more serious about it. I set my goal at three times a week, for the moment, and I hope to stick with it for most of the coming year.

17. Go on a roadtrip.
Just hitting the road and see where it goes…

18. Launch my photography website/online portfolio.
Though my work is already displayed on Flickr and 500px, I think a website/online portfolio of my own could be the next step?

19. Sell a 2016 calendar made with my photos and give the profits to charity.
A few years ago, to my grandmother demand, I started printing calendars for my family and friends… Every year, I get the same comment: I should sell them. Honestly, it has never been something I thought about before. I don’t like the thought of making money, as little as it might be, out of something I do only for my own pleasure… But what if this money goes to charity? My friend Sophy has recently registered her foundation, the PoF, as an official charity. She takes care of abandoned, wounded or sick cats, and needs help to fulfil her mission. And since I know she does an amazing work and takes care of those cats like they were hers, I will be more than happy to do anything I can to help!

20. Launch my Etsy boutique.
Etsy is one of my favourite websites, and I have to keep my credit card far away when I scroll down the pages full of beautiful work from artists all over the world! My own boutique is almost set up, and will be ready to be put online as soon as I upload items for sale on it. The calendars I just mentioned would be a good place to start, no?

21. Visit Chicago.
The Windy City… A beautiful city, and not so far from Quebec! Chicago would be a great place for a quick “weekend getaway”…

22. Go horseback riding with my little sister.
My sister and I used to go horseback riding together quite often. We both had riding classes when we were younger, about 10 years ago, and unfortunately haven’t been riding side by side since… Time to remedy that situation! 

23. Learn to eat better and more healthier.
Like almost everyone, when New Year comes, I swear I will eat better! This year, I’d like to make it true. My eating habits are not the worst, but they are not the best either, and I end up eating toasts for supper more often that I’d like to admit…

24. Deep clean my apartment and get rid of useless things.
I still have unpacked boxes from my last moving, over a year ago. I still have unpacked boxes from the first time I moved into my first apartment, over 5 years ago. I think it says it all! Of course, some of those boxes are filled with memories I want to keep, though they surely would need a certain reorganisation. But so much of them are things I kept “just in case”… Getting rid of those useless objects would feel quite therapeutic right now!

25. Keep working on managing my anxiety in a healthy way.
I mentioned earlier that I was still dealing with anxiety at times… I manage it far better now than I did when I first received the diagnosis but there is always room for improvement, isn’t there?


Of course, I hope to be able to tick everything off the list, but I don’t want to beat myself up over it if I don’t… After all, the main goal is to have fun!

I hope to see you around here again soon! Please, comment on the box below or click the “More About Me” section to connect with me on social media!

5 thoughts on “25 Before 25

  1. This is such a cool idea! Im about to turn 23 in a month and might consider creating a list like this to complete over the next 2 years! You have a lot of really great goals that you want to accomplish! I love the “take a class for fun” one especially! It’s always good to take a class here and there just because you want to, rather than because you need to!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should totally try it! It motivated me so much during this past year… I think making it public on my blog also helped… ;) Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take a class for fun, but I am so passionate about what I’m studying that it’s almost the same! Good luck with your own list, and happy birthday in advance! :)

      Liked by 1 person


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