#11: Organise my Lightroom catalogue.

Every photographer will tell you, an organised catalogue and an methodical “processing routine” is the key to a smooth and easy workflow. Lightroom is an amazing software for that matter as it gives you plenty of tools to classify your photos: collections and collections sets, flags, stars, colour labels, keywords, etc.

Since I started using Lightroom, I changed my organisational system at least a hundred times… Useless to say my catalogue quickly became a mess! It would have been a daunting task to reorganise and reclassify every photo, but I have been somehow lucky.

I woke up one morning to find my laptop agonising… “How could that be luck?” I hear you think! Well… Since I decided to replace my old computer by a brand new one, I simply downloaded the latest version of Lightroom on the new laptop. No cleaning needed!

Of course, I didn’t throw away the photos I had on my dying computer. Thankfully, I had already processed all of them and was ready to hit the “export” button. I saved the processed photos on my Drive and backed up everything, including the RAW files, on an external memory device. I was ready to start a new, organised catalogue!

But to make sure my catalogue would stay neatly organised, I had to define a working method that would work for me, and stick to it. However, I did not know where to start… So, I read everything I could find on the subject; tons and tons of articles and blog posts about having a better processing routine and organisational system with Lightroom. I thought if I knew how others are doing it, it would be easier for me to find “my” way of working?

After hours of reading, and lots of “trials and errors”, I finally came up with a method that works for me, where I can easily find my photos when needed and where I know what has been edited, exported, published, etc.

I guess it’s now time I pick up my camera and go out shooting!

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