Life lately…

Dear Reader,

I know I have not been very present lately, and I want to apologise. You see, life lately has been quite hectic… Not only I am working and studying, I also just broke up with my long-term boyfriend. Who would have guessed a break-up could keep you so busy!

But do not worry Reader, I am not forgetting you. My mind is sparkling with ideas of future posts, including a post (or many) about my latest trip to Montreal and my visit of its renommed cat café.

I hope, dear Reader, that you are doing fine and that you are welcoming this spring with joy and happiness. I promise I will write to you again soon…

Best wishes,

Frede. xx Tulips

13 thoughts on “Life lately…

    1. Thank you very much Lily! :) I looked quickly at your blog, and I shall have a deeper reading soon! I’m not bipolar, but I struggled with depression a few years ago… I wish you luck in your recovery! xx


    1. Thank you so much! That’s a lovely comment, and I’m happy my lettr can make you feel loved… :) My life is turning a great, beautiful turn full of love so far, and I can’t wait to see where it leads me! I hope to see you again around here! ;) I’Ve followed your blog too, you have a beautiful writing style! xx



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