#24: Clean and declutter my apartment.

As I previously mentioned, I recently broke up with my long-term boyfriend. In the course of the last fifteen weeks, he slowly moved out all of his things: clothes, books, movies and games, electronics, pieces of furniture, etc. We searched every closets, opened every boxes, emptied every drawers… You never realise how much stuff you really have before you have to go through all of it and decide “which thing belongs to who”!

Hopefully for me, most of it was mine. He never really loved that apartment and never truly felt “at home” in it so most of his belongings were still stored at his mother’s. Yet, when he finally left, I was left with empty shelves covered in dust…

I guess I should have been sad and broken-hearted, but this break-up felt more like a liberation. And with that new freedom feeling came the need for change, and the need to make this apartment really “mine”…

So over the last two months, I began a “big” cleaning. Since I had to change the bedroom set, which was his, the bedroom is where I started. I washed the walls and the floors, cleaned the windows, emptied the wardrobes and reorganised them… I gave countless bags of clothes and other goods to charity!

Then came my favourite part… Redecorating! I decided to keep the same neutral colour for the walls and the same colourful duvet set; the biggest change was the new white furniture to enhance the colours and pattern of the bedding. Oh, and those amazing “balls lights” I bought last time I went to Montreal! The only things missing now are the photos frames on the ledge over the bed, and a little something to place upon the other night stand…

New Bedrrom DecorTo me, the bedroom was the big “first step” to make this place mine, and I honestly feel so much better now it’s done.

I am now slowly but surely continuing my deep cleaning… A few weeks ago, I reorganised the kitchen cupboards, the living room closet and the bookcase. My next “projects” are the balcony, that I want to make more welcoming for warm summer nights; and the bathroom, that needs very deep cleaning and some new fresh paint… How satisfying and liberating it feels to clean and get rid of all the useless clutter!

I think the break-up and all the beautiful changes it brought into my life is the perfect time to finally tick that item off my list, and have a “brand new start”…

4 thoughts on “#24: Clean and declutter my apartment.

  1. So happy for you sweetie!! Your bedroom looks amazing, and those BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    All this reorginizing and redecorating you’re talking about makes me want to move out all the more… Can’t wait to get my fresh start (still with my man though, but somewhat a fresh start like “turning the page on a new chapter” kinda thing!) in the new place!

    Keep on going on cocotte! I’m really proud of you and happy for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much! :) I ttally get your “new start” feeling! Moving to a new place is always exciting, and always an opportunity to have one of those little new chapters of life! I’m so happy for you and your man too! xx



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