I met someone.

I’m writing this from bed, with that awesome man asleep next to me… on my iPad screen. I have my earphones in so I can hear him breathe quietly, but my microphone is muted so my frenetic typing doesn’t wake him up. It’s barely 10PM for me, but almost 4AM for him…

I met someone.

Two years ago, this very talented English photographer got in touch with me via Flickr to compliment my work. We started exchanging daily emails, and with each message our friendship grew stronger. And slowly, friendship became “more than that”…

We’ve been in touch every day for those last two years, in every possible ways. Emails, text messages, international phone calls, Skype… Despite the distance, our feelings for each other kept growing stronger. On our “first anniversary”, we finally pronounced those magical three words… “I love you”.

Sunset Over Montreal

Tomorrow is exactly a month after our “second anniversary”, and it’s also the first time we will be meeting in person. In a few hours, I will be driving from Quebec to Montreal and meet this wonderful man at the airport.

I know it might sound a bit crazy but it’s not how it feels. We’ve been “together” for two years, sharing everything and going through the difficult moments holding each other’s hand.

Tomorrow I’m taking a step into the beautiful unknown, but I won’t be alone. Someone very dear to my heart will be holding my hand, and we are starting this new chapter together…

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