The Beautiful Unknown

Twelve days ago, I took a step into the beautiful unknown.

After two years of an online friendship/relationship, I finally met the man of my dreams in person. And it was so much better than in my dreams!

To be honest, this blog post has been waiting on my screen for hours now but I simply cannot find the words to describe such a wonderful time… It felt so right. The first cuddle, the first kiss… It all felt so right and so natural, from the beginning. Two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together, in every ways…

I met the man of my dreams, and found my soulmate in him.

We were back at the airport last night, this time to say goodbye. There were lots of tears, and at least a million kisses… Goodbyes are hard.

The good thing is, this goodbye is only temporary… We will meet again in a few weeks, and he will be the one waiting for me to come through the arrivals gate.

There will be other goodbyes, a handful of them… I don’t think they’ll get easier with time, but they will certainly get us closer to the day we don’t have to count the sleeps before seeing each other again. They will be difficult again, but we are together and we are strong.

Twelve days ago, I took a step into the beautiful unknown and I was not alone. Someone very dear to my heart was holding my hand… We started that new chapter together.

We are still holding hands, never giving up, never letting go…

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Unknown

    1. Aww, thank you ma jolie! :) We should totally plan a little something next time he is here… He says he can’t wait to spend some time with you and Max! xx



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