Exploring Montréal & Québec

It seems to me that summer has just started, yet the trees are slowly turning to orange and red… Time has flown so fast these past few months! And every new season has brought its share of change.

Spring brought the biggest change of all… After two years of only “daydreaming” of us ever being a possibility, my now boyfriend and I had the chance to finally make the daydream become reality. Last June, we were meeting in person for the first time. Since it was also Edward’s first time visiting Canada, I wanted to give him a good taste of this beautiful country. We had twelve wonderful days together, exploring Montréal and Québec to our rhythm, without schedule or itinerary…Exploring Montreal and Quebec Collage

1 – On our first morning in Québec, I took Edward on a little “guided tour” of my favourite places around town… That field on the limits of the city where the view is breathtaking, that little woodland where I like to go on photowalks… That photo was taken on the beach as we were admiring Québec and its castle from afar.

2 – We witnessed that sunset on our way back from Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier where Edward got to meet my entire family at a nice summer party by the pool…

3 – After a whole day with my family, a break in the nature was most welcome! We visited Charny and sat by the majestic waterfalls for a picnic before walking the paths armed with our cameras.

4 – The view we earned to see after a 10K hike up the Mont Chocolat.

5 – Whilst exploring the small riverside village of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, we found that little souvenir shop selling those very cool fur hats. We had to try them on! I say we would have made very fashionable “coureurs des bois”…

6 – Don’t we look like rock stars?! This selfie was snapped on the ferry between Lévis and Québec. We spent that afternoon exploring the old town and Le Petit Champlain. It was a fabulous day, but I think my favourite bit was to see Edward’s face when he tasted his first ‘taffy on the snow’… The face of a very happy man!

7 – That part of Québec is overly picturesque.. We were very happy photographers!

8 – This is the best set up ever to watch a scary movie! We moved the mattress to the living room floor, installed fairy lights all around, gathered some snacks and snuggled up for a cosy evening of iPad cinema…

9 – On our way back to the airport, we stopped at the famous Madrid to visit our friend the dinosaurs!

June feels so far behind and we are already planning our Christmas holiday together. We will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square! In the meantime, I visited England and it was Edward’s turn to show me his “world”… I promise I will not wait three months before telling you all about it this time!


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