#20: Launch my Etsy shop.

After weeks of hard work, my Etsy shop is now online!

In the next few weeks and months, I plan to fill up with nice photographic products including framed prints, calendars, typographic prints and cards. For now, only 2016 wall calendars, and soon mini-calendars, are available. Like I mentioned when I started this blog, all profits will be donated to the Po Foundation.

The foundation is going through rough times lately with three kittens battling panleukopenia, a very contagious and life-threatening disease. Up to now, the bill amounts over 4,000$ and keeps going up…

To order a calendar and help me help Sophy and the cats, you can click on the photo below and you will be redirected to my Etsy shop. If you prefer to send money directly to the PoF, a PayPal button is also available on their website. The smallest donation can make a huge difference!

Calendar Preview

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