Life lately…

Dear Reader,

Life lately has been fantastic, and I have great news to share with you!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I made a life-changing decision. On a magical night in London, as we were strolling around Nothing Hill and chatting about the future, we decided to move in together. I know this might seem very banal to you Reader but you see, Edward and I currently live in different countries. On different continents even!

Moving to another country is not as easy as it seems and there was a ton of paperwork to fill but a few days ago, we finally received the official answer… Next February, I will be moving to England!

This blog, like my life, is going to change a lot in the next few months. But I promise not to forget you, and I already look forward sharing new adventures with you!

I hope, dear Reader, that you are doing well and that you will enjoy the festive season to come to its best. I will certainly write to you again soon…

Best wishes,

Frede. xx

Moving to England

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