#6: Be able to run 10K.

After months of training, I finally did it!

Last January, I was able to run a slow but steady 7K on the treadmill when I decided to switch to outdoor running. I thought the change would be easily made and that I would keep progressing toward my goal… How wrong I was!

Outdoor running is a completely different universe. You have to deal with the changes in the weather, the wind, the pavement… It was also way much harder on my weak knee than I expected. I thought a few times about going back to my comfortable indoor running routine… But I decided to persevere and I am happy I did; running outdoor is certainly more demanding, but it is also so much more interesting!

Last week, after exactly 10 months of training, I finally ran my first ever 10K distance!

First 10K

I am now aiming to finish the City of Lincoln 10K in April 2016.The hardest part about will certainly be to keep training throughout the harsh Canadian winter but since I move to Lincoln in February, I should be able to have a few weeks of training in an English climate before race day.

City of Lincoln 10K

After that, my next running goal is to run a half-marathon, so 21.2K… Let’s see if I can meet the challenge before the end of 2016!

2 thoughts on “#6: Be able to run 10K.

  1. Congrats on the 10k. I agree, outdoor running is much more interesting. I didn’t really start liking running until I went outdoors. I also enjoy unknown routes much more than those where I know where I am going.

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    1. You’re right, it’s nice to discover new routes! When I travel with my boyfriend, we always try to go on a run in the city we are visiting, we find it’s a great way to see the city to a new angle… :) Enjoy your next run!

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