#14: Travel alone.

When I added this item to my list, I meant “to take a trip on my own”… It’s not exactly what happened but I still decided to tick it off.

Last September, I travelled alone to England; I left Quebec late at night to catch an early morning flight from Montreal to New York, and from there to Manchester where Edward was waiting for me.

Except for a few school trips, I had never really travelled before and certainly not on my own! Anxiety, as well as other factors, had played a role into this. I admit I was also very nervous about my first ever flight, but it all went very well and I truly enjoyed the experience. I witnessed the most beautiful sunset over Manhattan as we were taking off from New York, and a sunrise over Ireland that was breathtaking!

I merely spent 48 hours travelling alone and it felt like a life experience… I can only top my hat to those who spend weeks travelling and exploring other countries on their own!

I started my trip by getting lost on my way to the airport… Montreal is probably the worst city for drivers as there is road work everywhere, all the time. At some point, even my GPS gave up and by then, I felt like crying! Despite it all, I made it in time to the airport and after a long walk to the opposite end of the terminal, I finally checked-in and found my departure gate.

Then came New York… The John F. Kennedy International Airport is simply HUGE. I got lost on my way out of the terminal, and once again when I went back in to find my gate… Of all my life, I had never realised how precious my knowledge of English is. I had to ask for informations many times during my 12-hour layover and both English and Spanish have been quite useful; even more when going through security because the TSA doesn’t have time to listen to you hem and haw!

In all, it was quite an adventure… A small one, but a fun one!

I arrived in Manchester exhausted and totally jet-lagged but so happy to see Edward again, and proud to have made the journey all by myself.

Two years ago, I would never have been able to travel alone; my anxiety at the time was paralysing. It was a pleasant experience that has also shown me just how far I have come in the last two years, how much I have healed and grown.

After my own little adventure on planes and in airports, Edward and I had the best time exploring England. Those two weeks we spent together were perfection, and a long post filled with snapshots is currently in the writing!


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