Summer Portrait Session

Last August, after twenty-five beautiful years together and four children, my brother-in-law’s parents got married. They wanted all the family to be involved in the celebration of their love, so they asked Marc and his siblings to be best men and bridesmaids.

Before the ceremony, the small group met at Marc’s place to get ready and share a festive drink. Jade, my sister, asked if I could stop by with my camera to capture those “before” moments, and also to take a few portraits of her and her boyfriend, all dressed-up for the occasion. Of course, I can never say no to my little sister!

I didn’t expect much of the shooting; I knew there would be lot of fuss and excitement, and not so much time to pose for the camera. Therefore, I decided to go with simple gear: my Canon 550D, a 50mm f/1.8 for portraits, a 18-55mm for group shots and a collapsible light reflector.

I had about an hour before everyone had to leave for the church where the ceremony was held, but I didn’t want to rush people or make them feel uncomfortable in front of the camera; I started by walking around with my camera in hand, looking for nice backgrounds and snapping a few test shots. When your models realise there is no monster jumping out of your lens every time you click the shutter button, they tend to be more relaxed!

Most of the photos have been taken outside, in the garden; it was a lovely summer day and the natural light was perfect to work with. I really tried to keep it as simple as possible. I have to admit though, my job that day was quite easy! Everyone was happy and the atmosphere was light-hearted, making it easier for me to get candid and natural-looking shots.

I am only getting into portraiture photography, and even though I thought it would never “be my thing”, I must say I truly enjoyed that little summer portrait session with Jade, Marc and his family. I am very satisfied with the results. I guess it’s proof you should never say never…!

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