Edward and I just said goodbye after a wonderful holiday together. Every time I have to drop him off at the airport, I am graced with a breathetaking sunset on the way back home; like life is somehow telling me to keep smiling.

This goodbye was our last goodbye. Next time I set foot in an airport, it will be for my one-way flight to England in a little more than four weeks. Even knowing this is the last time we ever have to count sleeps before being reunited, being apart is awfully difficult. Especially at this time where I have to deal with all the details about the moving: renting my flat, packing and shipping boxes, selling the stuff I cannot take with me… But Edward is giving me so much support, and he will be busy too preparing my arrival. The next thirty-four days will certainly go fast!

Goodbyes are never easy, but I think they will all be worth it when I get to jump into Edward’s arms in a few weeks, knowing I do not have to come back home… I will be home.

TeamFredward QC NYC



5 thoughts on “Goodbyes

    1. I hope it goes fast, yes! I’m sure it will… It’s only a month now… :) Aww, England is a beautiful place to move to! I hope you get to visit the country someday… Lots of nice places to run, too! ;)

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      1. what part of England will you be living in?? and im excited to eventually make it there, im going in april 2017 but its still a ways off! im hoping to maybe move to the UK one day as well, maybe after i see how your move goes ill become more inspired to actually do it :)

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        1. I will be living in Lincoln, a few hours north of London. It’s a beautiful historic city! I’m currently writing a post about my last trip to England, and the blog will change in the next few weeks to be more about my new life in the UK… I hope it will inspire you! If you ever need help or advice about moving or travel in England, don’t hesitate to get n touch! :)

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