Life lately…

Dear Reader,

I want to apologise for my absence of the next few weeks; I will be offline for a little while. Life lately has been slightly scary but very exciting… In less than twenty days, I am moving to England!

Do not worry Reader, I am not forgetting you and I will be back to tell you all about this new adventure as soon as I am settled. I also plan to make changes to the blog: a new layout and “About” page, and probably a new name that fits better now that I am 25. I look forward to this fresh start, and this new chapter with my sweetheart too.

I hope, dear Reader, that you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of this new year. I promise to write to you again as soon as I can!

Best wishes,

Frede. xx

Life Lately Collage.jpg

10 thoughts on “Life lately…

      1. Im sorta counting down haha, I had just noticed that I was at 100 days the other day so I was like oh well thats pretty cool! But Im excited to see what you get up to once you move and what changes come to your blog over the next few weeks too :)


      2. Countdowns are fun! Edward and I have an online one for this new adventure… 15 days today! ;) I’m excited to read about your tour of the world too… Do you plan to blog regularly whilst you’re travelling? :)

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      3. I keep thinking I should do that for all of my destinations and havent yet haha, but yes I plan to blog as regularly as possible when Im traveling, I started the blog mainly because of the trip and wanted to get used to blogging and writing before I left! Hopefully Ill get decent enough wifi in some of my destinations so I can post regularly :)

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