New Season, New Chapter

A week ago, I landed in London with my cat and the two suitcases that now hold all of my life. Edward was waiting for me at the gate and welcomed me with a huge bouquet of spring flowers.

It is spring here, in England; a new season, and a brand new chapter for us. Spring is the perfect season for nesting and that’s what we’ve been doing: looking at houses, shopping for furniture, looking for inspiration on Pinterest… I love all the evenings cosying up with the iPad and the cat, making plans for the future.

However, the expat life is not always about being cosy! Of all my life, I have never been so out of my comfort zone. Simple things like walking to the store alone or taking the bus become daily victories. There are definitely moments where I feel like a lost child and have to turn to my man for explanation or for him to simply repeat what someone just said to me because I didn’t understand a particular word or accent.

It is not always easy, but I enjoy every minute of this new life!

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve been exploring my new city a lot in the last couple of days – alone and with Edward – and I look forward sharing my little adventures on the blog. I am slowly getting back into writing and I plan make blogging a more regular thing; I have loads of ideas for The Wandering Flamingo!

One thought on “New Season, New Chapter

  1. Bonjour Frédérique, je te souhaite tout le bonheur possible! C’est excitant et troublant à la fois, toutes les petites choses et coutumes à apprendre, j’ai bien hâte de lire tes futures billets.
    Gros bisous
    Anne xx

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