Weekly Victories #1

Like I mentioned in the previous post, the expat life is not always easy. Don’t read me wrong though; I know what an amazing opportunity this is, and how lucky I am to be living this beautiful adventure with the man I love. I am very grateful for all the support I received here and from my friends and family abroad. It is certainly helping to know people are “on your side”. But there are still difficult moments, especially when I realise how things that were so simple at home become such challenges.

Every day has its own little victories. Every week, I face little mountains and conquer them.

To celebrate those tiny successes, I decided to share them on here each week for the coming months. I know lots of those victories might look silly to you – they sometimes do to me! – but they are not. The life as an expat is full of frustrations and you have to savour even the smallest accomplishments to truly enjoy it and settle happily in a new place.

So, here are my weekly victories for last week:

• I walked alone to the local grocery store and didn’t get lost.
• I went into town to explore High Street, the Bailgate and the Arboretum.
• I went our for two 5K runs on my own around the neighbourhood.
• I approached strangers about Faces of Lincoln.
• I called the office in charge of national insurance numbers to make my request.

Small successes indeed, but they make me smile and feel proud of what I have achieved since I arrived a little less than two weeks ago… Even the tiniest victory deserve to be celebrated!

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