Weekly Victories #2

New week, new little victories!

This last week has been less hectic than the previous ones… I’m starting to settle and learn my way around. There are still lots of challenges to overcome, but I am slowly gaining a new kind of confidence in myself; I am not as shy about my accent and I don’t worry as much about having to ask someone to repeat something they’ve just said because I didn’t quite understand the first time. I’ve found out that when people learn that you’ve just moved your life all the way across the globe, they are far more patient and generally happy to do what they can to help you with the transition!

• I increased my running distance and also tried new paths.
• It was a lot of trouble but I finally registered with a doctor.
• I learned to drive a manual transmission.
• I tagged along on several shootings with Edward and met new people.

Once again, only small successes but I feel proud of what I’ve accomplished in the last few days. Tomorrow will only be three weeks since I arrived and I have already loads of tiny victories to celebrate!

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