Weekly Victories #4

It has been almost a month since I last posted weekly victories, and I swear it’s not for the lack of tiny successes to celebrate! I recently hit the wall of “expat blues” and it took my creativeness and motivation away… I have been feeling a bit isolated lately – except for my dad, I had no news of my family since I left – and spending my days alone at home certainly didn’t help. But I’m feeling better now and hope to resume blogging more regularly.

Aside from that little blues, the past few weeks were busy with small (and some big) victories:

• I learned to drive on the left side of the road and drove on my own several times since.
• I finally opened a bank account.
• I started applying for jobs.
• I went alone to my first doctor appointment.
• I went to my first job interview – and got the job, even though I didn’t accept the offer.
• I ran 10K for the first time since I arrived in the UK.

I knew there would be hurdles along the way, but some days it’s hard to remain positive and see those at victories instead of obstacles… That’s why it’s essential to celebrate even the tiniest success.

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