Race Day

Yesterday was the 20th edition of the City of Lincoln 10K. Yesterday was also my first ever race and… it sucked.

Don’t get me wrong, the event in itself was fantastic: well-organised, loads of amazing runners, music and encouragements from the spectators, and a beautifully designed medal for all the finishers. But the run was certainly not my best…

Edward stayed with me the whole time – even though he could have run way faster – and we finished in 74 minutes, including a wee break around 6K. It is not so bad considering that we are both fighting a very bad cold…Yet, it felt much harder than it really was.

I think a few factors can explain this – the panic attack I almost had at the start line and the fact that we were just back from a little hiking trip, among others – but I think it’s mostly because we didn’t take it seriously enough. Between me moving here, Edward’s book project and looking for a place of our own, running and training hasn’t been our main priority.

We are more than determined to turn that around for the next race though! We already signed up for Nottingham 10K next month, I also plan to run the Race for Life in June and we are looking for a fun run to do later this year.

For now, I am just happy I finished this first race despite wanting to quit before it had even started. And let’s hope the next one will be better!

Lincoln 10K Collage.jpg

8 thoughts on “Race Day

  1. Considering you were sick and hadnt trained as much as you probably needed to your time for that race wasnt too bad! 10ks in my opinion are kind of an awkward distance to train for because its far but it really isnt that far at the same time so its hard to judge how much energy you should use at the beginning/end of a race, hopefully you’ll do better at your next race though!

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    1. Thank you :) I think being sick really didn’t help, and I was not in the greatest mood that day. But the next race is in a few weeks and I hope to do better, or at least run it in a better state of mind! I also pre-registered for my first half-marathon in October. It’s a great motivation to train more and properly. If you have any tips for me… ;) I love reading your blog too, so inspiring!

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      1. Thats so awesome that you signed up for your first half marathon! My main advice for half marathons are dont start off too fast cuz otherwise youll burn yourself out at the beginning and end up a much slower pace towards the end, I did that at my first half and felt so dead afterwards but the last half I did I started off easy and just tried to maintain that and it worked out perfectly for finishing. A lot of people also say to follow a training plan but I found out that that didnt really work well for me and I found that just going out running often enough with a couple long runs here and there worked for me rather than be like I need to run x amount of miles today. I hope you do well on both races they’re definitely an awesome motivation!

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