Race Day, take 2!

Two weeks ago, Edward and I ran the Nottingham 10K. It was the first ever edition of the race – a new addition to the Asda Foundation 10K Series– and I think it was a success.

Nottingham 10K Collage.jpg

After our disappointing last race, I was slightly nervous about this one in the week preceding it but felt very excited and confident enough on race day.

The event was surprisingly well-organised and conveniently located in the city centre; in my opinion, better situated than the Lincoln race. Starting at the Old Market square, the route went all around town and along the river Trent – lined with historic monuments – before coming back to the marketplace. The way was hillier than we expected but we still managed a good time and cut nearly 8 minutes off our previous time, finishing in 67 minutes. And the most important: we had fun, laughed a lot throughout the race and truly enjoyed running together!

Our next challenge together will be the new Lincoln Half-Marathon in October – our first half-marathon! In the meantime, I will be running another 10K at the Race for Life in June and I am training hard to get my time under 65 minutes.

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