A Taste of Home

Maybe you moved away for school, for work or, like me, for love. No matter the reason, you are bound to miss home at some point. When everything around you is different – the landscape, the people, the language, the food – every little bit of home becomes very reassuring.

Being an expat herself, Laura knew that feeling well when she created The Canadian Cottage – a company offering handmade luxury versions of popular Canadian treats like butter tarts, soft ginger cookies and peanut butter truffles.

Canadian Cottage 1.jpg

I’ve ordered from The Canadian Cottage several times in the past six months and I have never been disappointed. Laura is a talented baker and all the treats of her tasty selection are absolutely delicious. I especially enjoyed the pecan butter tarts and the nanaïmo bars, and Edward’s favourites were definitely the maple leaf cookies!

Canadian Cottage 2.jpg

I also appreciate how those sweet delicacies are often packed in boxes that will fit through the letterbox; no parcels sitting for days at the post office until I can pick it up. The shipping has always been very efficient too. I like knowing that my little ‘pieces of home’ will arrive a day or two after I’ve ordered, waiting on my doorstep when I get home from work.

If you’re a Canadian in search of a taste from the motherland, I highly recommend The Canadian Cottage. I myself look forward to tasting Laura’s newly launched collection of soft cookies… Mmmm!



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