A British Autumn

Autumn has always been my favourite season and this year is no exception, although it’s different. I’m happy to see the leaves changing but I feel slightly nostalgic…

For the first time since I moved to England, I miss home.


I’m not sure why homesickness is only hitting me now, or at all. Maybe because I finally have time to stop and think? Things have been hectic since I arrived and until now, I was probably too busy exploring my new country and settling into a new life.

Autumn in my native land lasts about two weeks. After that, November showers us in cold winter rain – and snow. Here, autumn takes its time… The leaves have started changing some time ago but many trees are still lush green; the temperatures dropped but most days don’t require more than a light jacket or sweater to keep you warm. The sun sets very early which gives us the perfect excuse to get nice hot drinks on a Friday evening café date, or lazy Sundays snuggling with a feel-good TV show.


Even though I’m enjoying the slowness of the British autumn, I still miss the Canadian fall and its many traditions: days out hiking the nearest mountain and the unbeatable view when you reach the top; going apple picking and spending a day baking everything apple, from pies to crumble; the family reunion to celebrate Thanksgiving; and going pumpkin picking before spending a rainy afternoon carving your finds and cooking the seeds to snack on later… Above all, I miss the flamboyant red and orange landscape across the St. Lawrence River.


I found the cure to my autumnal blues – beside hours on Skype with my best friend back in Montreal – is nature. These days, I’m enjoying long countryside walks with Edward or solo trail runs in the nearby parks and nature reserves. A hiking trip is also in planning, though we have yet to decide where we’d like to go… Too many beautiful places to explore!

While I’m still a bit envious of my friends when they fill my Facebook feed with photos of the colourful Québec fall, I’m truly enjoying this beautiful season and I hope you are too, wherever you may be!

10 thoughts on “A British Autumn

  1. Coucou Frédérique!

    Ah, je te comprends, l’automne est tellement une saison qui nous en donne plein la vue! Chaque fois que les couleurs reviennent année après année, je le trouve toujours aussi belle. On ne se lasse pas. Au moins, tu as la douce température, et au moment où on se gèlera les fesses, toi tu verras les fleurs fleurir à nouveau, hihihi! Tu fais bien de te ressourcer dans la nature, elle est là pour nous accueillir. ;)
    Bibous et à bientôt!
    Anne xx

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    1. Une magnifique saison et les couleurs sont tellement impressionnantes! Il fait quand même froid ici… Pas aussi froid que le Québec, mais toujours tellement humide. J’espère que tu profites bien de la saison. xx


  2. Salut cocotte!!
    Your photos are beautiful! I should Facetime you next time I’m out and about so you get a good nice feel of your beloved Quebec fall! :)
    And to be fair… it lasts a little longer than just the 2 weeks! hi hi hi! But it does goes by real fast when the cold settles in. Although, we are lucky this year, we got a great big 20C yesterday!! :D

    Talk soon sweetie pie! If the shipping wasn’t so darn long, I’d send some delicious candied apples your way ;)

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    1. Aww, merci ma cocotte! I would love to see Québec fall and the beautiful colours! I talked to my dad today, he sent me photos of the first snow in Québec… Not so much more than two weeks, eh! ;) xx


  3. I absolutely love fall in both countries but I sure do miss the spectacular colours, mall displays, thanksgiving, pumpkin pies and the fall fairs. Hope to do some nice walks and some cooking and baking over this half term :) and I hope to start practicing my french again with a bit of time off… a bientot!

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    1. Fall in both countries is absolutely beautiful, I agree! I find the Brits start on Christmas early compared to Canadians? We went to a garden centre today and it was full of Christmas displays but Halloween was totally absent… I hope you have a wonderful time during half-term; I look forward to see what you bake. Le français est une si belle langue… Good luck with your learning! x


      1. I find that as well although they have way more fall displays in wales I find than last year when I was in england which I like :)

        Je parler un peu francais; il est la belle est dificile langue ;)

        I’m quite sure I said that last part wrong but you know what I mean :)

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