October Books

I’ve always had a passion for words; whether it’s writing them, learning them in a new language, or leisurely reading them. I used to be an avid reader and devoured several books every week throughout high school and college. It was before Netflix and its endless binge-watching possibilities!

It’s when I moved to England that I started reading again. Jobless and depressed during the first few months of my expat life, books were my escape. After a while, I got frustrated by the absence of French in my reading list – and by the cost of delivery to order books from Quebec or France. That’s when I started borrowing Edward’s Kindle to satisfy my French literature needs.

I’ve never been a fan of electronic reading… I love browsing through the shelves of a quiet library or busy book store to find my next literary adventure. I love the feel of paper between my fingers when I turn a page. I love the smell of books; freshly printed ones as much as ones that have already been read a million times.

Yet, the Kindle grew on me so much that Edward ended up offering me one of my own so he could get his back. Since then, I’ve read several books every month and I thought I’d share with you my monthly reads on here. I would like to make this a regular post… Let’s hope I can stick with it!

Until then, October books:


206 Bones | Kathy Reichs
The fans of Bones will know Kathy Reichs as the Temperance Brennan book series actually inspired the TV show. I’ve not read the entire collection but I do enjoy a good thriller and those are good; I especially liked this one because part of the story takes place in Montreal. The author even included a few swear words in French for more realism!

Once Upon an Expat | Liza Webb
Being an expat myself, I can totally relate to most of the stories of this anthology. Some are funny, some are sad, some are heartwarming and many will make you cringe… But all are worth a read whether you are an expat, on the way to become one of just wondering what it is like to be ‘the foreigner’.

The Existentialist Café | Sarah Bakewell
This one is a slow reader and to be honest, I’m only halfway through but I like it. It explains the existentialist philosophy from its creation to its more modern signification by telling the story of its beginning during the post-war Années Folles in Paris.

Braver Than Britain, Occasionally | Spadge Whittaker
Spadge decided to face Britain’s top 10 fear in the course of a year and recalls the experience in a light-hearted but beautifully written novel. I read the whole thing in one sitting and laughed to tears a couple times. The ideal book for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

Happy reading!



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