(German)(n.) An ache for distant places, a craving for travel.

We’ve been contemplating the idea of a visit to Québec for quite a while now… Maybe a couple of weeks in February so I can see my friends and family, indulge in maple syrup and enjoy the Canadian winter.

We started scanning the Web for flight deals and a few days ago, we almost booked tickets but decided to wait. I’m glad we did.

The thing is, I’m not sure I’m ready to go back ‘home’ yet.

We had plans: spending a night in Montréal to see my best friend, ice-skating at Place d’Youville, hiking the Vallée-de-la-Jacques-Cartier in the snow (a first for Edward), having lunch at Les P’tits Oignons and decadent ice cream at Les Chocolats Favoris, probably attending some kind of family reunion…

As pleasant as they are, I’ve done all those things before and I’m yearning for novelty. I want to visit new countries, admire unfamiliar landscapes, be surrounded by languages I don’t fully understand. I’m craving adventures, whether it’s to get lost in a foreign city or to climb mountains.

I obviously want to go back to Canada someday but at the moment Vancouver, Banff and Jasper are calling my name – not Québec. Maybe because ‘home’ doesn’t feel like home anymore? I sometimes feel nostalgic, I miss people and places but I belong in England now. Edward and I have built something good here and for the first time in months, my feet are on solid ground. I finally found my balance and want to savour it for a while.

For the next few months, I want to focus on taking care of myself and spending quality time with Edward. We plan to explore more of Europe and cross a few countries off our bucket list. Germany is the first with a trip to Berlin in December; others include Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece, Norway, Austria, Croatia and Portugal.

I will go back ‘home’ someday, just not yet.

2 thoughts on “Fernweh

    1. I’ll come home someday, just not yet. I’m not ready yet to face the fact that things changed, I did too… Too much of a clash to deal with right now. And life here is finally good, after all the struggles of the beginnings… And yes, come visit me already! ;)



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