November Books

Starting a new job at the beginning of the month left me with less time for reading, and spending my days proofing horrible copy often left my eyes tired and craving other distractions. Yet, I wanted to keep up with this monthly post and share with you my short list of books for November.


When in French: Love in a Second Language | Lauren Collins
The author – an American woman who met her husband, a Frenchman, in London before moving with him to Switzerland – explores love and life in another language and questions whether learning a second or a third language changes who we are. I can obviously relate but I believe anyone who has an interest in linguistics would enjoy this unique memoir.

Ce ne sera pas si simple | Annie L’Italien
This short novel was offered to me as a free download with a language software and even though it didn’t really appeal to me, I ended up reading it because… Well, why not? It is a light comedy and seemed like a pleasant way to finish a long week. The story follows a group of characters between Montréal, New York and Paris as they are engaged in a transatlantic scavenger hunt for the inheritance of their father/husband/boyfriend. Not fantastic but good enough if you are looking for an easy read.

I’m settling well into my new position and I hope to have more time and mental energy left for reading this month and next as I have asked Santa for many new books!

Until then… Happy reading!




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