A Bird’s View of Lincolnshire

Last September, I had the opportunity to see Lincolnshire from above. I was in between two contracts and a bit overwhelmed by all the free time on my hands when my friend Mike offered to take me for a flight over the county.

My grandfather builds and restores small planes so I spent most of my childhood running around his shop and airfield but I hadn’t flown in years; I was excited to be up in the sky again, and to try my hand at aerial photography.

I think the result is not too bad considering that I wasn’t using my own camera. I do not own a proper wide-angle lens for my beloved Canon T2i so I had to borrow Edward’s Nikon D7100 and his chunky 24-70mm.

We left from Wickenby Aerodrome around lunchtime and flew over Louth towards Skegness and the coast. I’d be curious to see that same landscape in the spring when the fields are bright yellow from the rapeseed flowers.

The flight was great fun! I got to experience what ‘G-force’ feels like and Mike told me all there was to know about the history of the county. It was amazing to see – and photograph – Lincolnshire from such a different and unique point of view.

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