Seaside Winter Walk

Last weekend, after setting up Edward’s photography exhibition in Caistor, we headed for the coast. We stopped on the way to grab some proper English chips (drenched in malt vinegar, mmm!) and ate them in the car whilst watching the tide. We surrendered our leftovers to very insistent seagulls and went for a walk along the beach.

I have always loved the seaside so it’s no wonder I fell for the English coast. I particularly like it during winter, or on a stormy day. There is something very humbling in watching the sea rage whilst the wind tries and pushes you around. I find it quite soothing.

Saturday was a cold but sunny day. After heavy rains earlier in the week, the sea looked even more agitated and ‘wild’… It was absolutely beautiful. We spent a few hours walking, hunting for treasures (I always pick some shells that I keep in a vase) and chatting. We had fun fooling around with our cameras. I did a few yoga poses for Edward to photograph – balancing in the sand is not as easy as it seems, especially whilst wearing boots and a winter coat! – and he attempted some karate kicks in the sunset; in the end, we got some nice artsy silhouette shots.

All that fresh air left us weary but relaxed, and we happily crashed in the sofa when we got back home. It truly was a perfect day…

5 thoughts on “Seaside Winter Walk

      1. I have totally fallen in love with Cornwall. I recommend St Ives. It very busy in school hols so avoid then. The light is incredible as you are on the tip of the country. I have some photos –
        I also recommend The Minack Theatre. We went in Winter but still amazing –

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