London Winter Run 2017

Yesterday, Edward and I travelled down to London to run the Winter Run organised by Cancer Research UK. It was a wonderful day and a truly amazing experience!


We had decided to travel on the day so we woke up at 5.30AM, had a quick breakfast and jumped in the car for the drive down. We parked at High Barnet around 8.30AM, which let us just enough time to get to Trafalgar Square and walk to the start line.

There was a bit of confusion at the beginning as the official time slots were never called and there were no pacers to place the runners into their anticipated finish times categories. Aside from that, the event was very well organised and the atmosphere throughout the race was great; everyone seemed happy and upbeat. It’s hard not to smile when high-fiving huskies and penguins!

We departed from Trafalgar Square at 9.54AM (a good 10 minutes before our designated start time) and finished 10.6K and 63 minutes later near Westminster.


If the race had been exactly 10K, I think it would have been my first sub-60 10K; I looked at my phone a few seconds after RunKeeper announced it and was only a few seconds above an hour. Still, I am very happy my official finish time of 1:03:03 as it’s a new PB and my first sub-65 10K. It was actually my best run ever!

Once again, Edward stayed with me the whole time and he was a great motivator. My feet started hurting after 6K (from, I discovered later, blood-filled blisters) and I would have gladly taken a little walking break but when I glanced at him, he looked so cheerful and strong that I kept going.

We celebrated our triumphal finish with a polar bear hug and some delicious Lindt chocolate before walking back to the train station. I really enjoyed the whole event, from start to finish. I also loved seeing such diversity amongst the runners – it is truly a sport for everyone, of every age or shape. I would definitely do it again… Maybe next year?

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