February Books

February started quietly and I hoped to squeeze in a few more books, but the quietness didn’t last. I sometimes seriously wonder where does time go?! The second half of the month was spent organising our trip to Ireland, where we were photographing a friend’s wedding, and I ended up reading more hotel reviews and lists of places to visit than books. Which is fine, really… Planning new adventures is always exciting! And this month’s round-up certainly fed my wanderlust envies.


Travelled Far: A Collection of Hiking Adventures | Keith Foskett
This thru-hiking memoir certainly made me want to hit the trail! The author relates with many details and in an often humoristic way some of his hikes across the South Downs in England, El Camino de Santiago in Spain as well as the Appalachian, Continental Divide and Pacific Crest trails in America. I especially liked his comment on how altitude doesn’t  always guarantee the best hike… As much as I love the Peak and Lake Districts in England and plan to visit Wales and the Scottish Highlands later this year to satisfy the ‘mountain calling’ that has been plaguing me since I moved to the UK, it also made me want to explore the south of England and some ‘flatter’ trails. I truly enjoyed this book and added more from Keith Foskett to my to-read list.

Brooklyn | Colm Tóibín
I decided to read this book after stumbling on a few lines from it whilst looking for quotes about immigration and expatriation – the words called to me. It was indeed a good novel, exceptionally well-written, but I would have taken more. The author spends several pages at the beginning describing characters and situations that have nothing to do with the rest of the story, but the end is cut short (in my opinion). I would have loved to know what happened to the heroine after making such a life-changing decision in the final pages; maybe not several more chapters, but an epilogue would have been welcomed. Despite the abrupt ending, I enjoyed reading Brooklyn and would certainly recommend it.

Happy reading!


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