March Books

This month, I decided to get through all the random books slowly accumulating on my Kindle. Most were books I received for free with another purchase and with my ever-growing ‘to read‘ list, I hadn’t got around reading them yet, so I decided to get on it and make some space for more. It made for an eclectic reading list!

March Books

As The Crow Flies | Damien Boyd
I do love a good thriller and this one came with another one I read a few months ago about climbers on the Everest, so I guess there’s a theme here. I went rock-climbing only a few times many, many years ago so I’m far from being an expert but I truly enjoyed As The Crow Flies. The story is a bit far-fetched but still well tied. The fact that it’s set in England and that the Peak District and Lake Districts are mentioned a few times only made it more appealing to me.

How To Control Your Anxiety Before It Controls You | Albert Ellis
To be honest, I haven’t finished this one yet and I probably won’t. Not all self-help books are good, but this is just… atrocious. The author is extremely narcissistic and spends the first chapter boasting on how he ‘gets every woman interested to him’ (insert rolling eyes here). I didn’t find his advices especially brilliant or useful either. There are excellent books out there to help with anxiety management but in my opinion, How To Control Your Anxiety just isn’t one of them!

We’re All Damaged | Matthew Norman
I have no idea how this book ended up on my Kindle and I probably never would have picked it up myself, but I enjoyed reading it. It’s mostly a masculine twist of the classic ‘chick lit’ story: the principal character is being cheated on, moves to another city but has to go back home, meets a new girl, etc. A simple story but very well written – I especially liked the author’s sarcastic sense of humour. A good novel if you’re looking for something short and sweet to read.

Paris Time Capsule | Ella Carey
I worried that this one would be too cheesy but the story intrigued me and since it’s set between New York and Paris, and because the principal character is a photographer, I had to give it a chance. I’m glad I did! Yes, the story is a bit cheesy and very ‘classic’ but there’s a very charming twist to it and it’s well written – it’s rare that you can say an author made you feel truly annoyed at a character! I learned only at the end that some of the characters and parts of the story were inspired by true events.

Hardcore Self-Help: F**k Anxiety | Robert Duff
To be honest, I bought this book only because the title made me laugh; it’s refreshing to see a self-help book so blunt! The tips and tricks the author gives are nor new or revolutionary, but they are explained in a simple, down-to-earth and often funny way. Nothing cheesy or pompous about this book and it’s what I liked about it. If you suffer from anxiety, I absolutely recommend it.

Happy reading!


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