Star Wars Day Virtual Pace Race

Two weeks ago, Edward and I celebrated Star Wars Day by running the ‘With You May the 4th Be’ virtual race. We signed up a month prior after I saw an advert for it on my Facebook feed – it was an easy decision: Edward is a Star Wars fan and I’m always happy to add medals to my slowly growing ‘race bling’ collection!

Star Wars Day Medals

So, what is a virtual race? It’s simply a race with no physical start line: you run the chosen distance in your own time, wherever you like, and upload your stats to the organisation’s website to receive your medal. Strangely, Virtual Pace Race sent us our medals nearly a week before the ‘official’ race day…

Since I felt a bit nervous due to recent (and ongoing) running struggles – it was my first 10K since the London Winter Run in February – we opted for an easy path along the River Witham. It was a weekday so we decide to run straight after work. We met at my office, changed and headed out toward the Brayford area and the river.

We were about 2K in when we stumbled upon a public footpath and deviated from our route to hit the trails. Despite being breathless a few minutes earlier on the road, I felt strong on the trail. Maybe I was just too busy admiring the view/marvelling at the nesting swans/trying not to break an ankle to focus on my troublesome lungs!

Star Wars Day Trail Run

After 4K on this lovely public footpath, we ended up near the golf course and stopped for a few seconds to admire the golfers before continuing onto the river path to our planned route. We were heading back to the city centre and had barely hit 7K when I first felt the blisters… Maybe wearing the brand new, yet to be broken in Brooks trainers was not the best of ideas after all!

I powered through and sighted of relief when I finally saw my office building in the distance… Until RunKeeper announced that we had run only 8.5K and had to keep going for another mile. That last stretch seemed like the longest part of the run – not because of the pain, but because we had to take a never-ending stream of twists and turns around the city streets and alleys to complete the distance.

It was, overall, a very pleasant experience. I still prefer the atmosphere and excitement of a ‘real’ race, but I’d certainly take part in a virtual one again. It’s a nice way to train for an actual race or to simply set yourself a challenge. And as Edward said, it earned us the coolest medal in the galaxy!

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Day Virtual Pace Race

  1. I seriously admire you for being able to run 10k. I decided a couple years ago I was gonna get in shape so I could go running with my man but I can’t seem to make it past about 1k without feeling like I’m going to die. I have been trying to get more active though (he keeps dragging me up mountains, especially since he measured my resting heart rate with one of his devices and it was over 100). If I ever make it to 10k I definitely want a star wars medal!

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    1. It’s funny, I’m the one who drags my boyfriend up mountains! ;) I could barely run 1K without stopping when I started running 3 years ago… I did a run/walk thing for a very long time! But running is not the only activity… Swimming, cycling, zumba, power yoga… It’s cliché but finding something you enjoy doing makes it much easier. :) Also, if there’s a Parkrun in your area, it helps with the running motivation! The Star Wars medal was totally worth the blisters… ;)

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