24 Hours in Dublin

Earlier this year, we travelled to Northern Ireland for our friends’ wedding and decided to take an extra day off to make a little holiday out of it. We were flying to and from Dublin and it would have been a shame not to visit the city whilst we were there… We left Lusty Beg Island early on the last day of our trip and headed down to the Fair City.

Because we didn’t know much time we would have in Dublin, we didn’t make plans and played it by ear. We spent most of a rainy afternoon walking the streets and alleys, shopping for souvenirs and doing some street photography. We saw craft markets, leprechauns and many crowded pubs. I also got a ‘free hug’ from a random guy offering them near the famous Temple Bar.

We are already speaking of going back to Ireland as we’d like to spend more time in Dublin but also visit other parts of the country. Maybe a motorcycle road trip is in order?

7 thoughts on “24 Hours in Dublin

  1. I love that black and white street picture! The second time we were in Dublin it was rainy like this! This post recalled some awesome memories of Dublin! If you head back to Ireland, I highly suggest visiting the Dingle Peninsula!

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    1. Aww, thank you! It started rainy just as we drove into the city… We had had sun since the morning on the road! It was still a lovely day out. We will certainly head back… We keep talking about a roadtrip on the bike, go all around. I’ll have a look for the peninsula if we do! :)

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        1. No, we flew from East Midlands to Dublin and hired a car to drive up to Fermanagh. Flying from England to Ireland is very cheap… I think it cost £50 return for both of us, so around $70?

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