MS Walk 2017 | Final Numbers

Almost a whole month have passed since the MS Walk 2017 and I thought it would be a good time for an update on our fundraising efforts… Since my last post, the Majestic Pandicorns have raised even more money for the cause!

MS Walk 2017 in London

In 2016, our goal was to raise £1,000 and we raised a little more than £1,650. This year we wanted to smash our goal. We had set our official team target at £1,000 again but hoped to get more than last year, and we did…

The Majestic Pandicorns collected an amazing total of £2,071!

It’s more than double our official target and £400 more than last year’s amount… Goal smashed! The whole team is obviously very happy with that number and we hope to raise even more money for the cause in 2018.

Next year’s fundraising effort might involve another long stroll around London and possibly something a little more… adventurous. Nothing is set in stone yet but one thing is certain, The Majestic Pandicorns will be doing their best to help the MS Society find a cure.

If you feel generous, our fundraising page is still active and you can make a donation here. A big thank you to everyone who gave and encouraged us, and a big cheer to all our fellow walkers!

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