Exploring Amsterdam

Our trip to Amsterdam was all the way back in November, but with all the visa stuff that has been going on since then, I’m finally just catching up with blogging. So… Because Amsterdam was months ago and because we only spent a few hours wandering the street of this lovely city, I decided to keep my word count low and share more photos instead. An image is worth a thousand words, right? I’ve also added a short list of my favourite places, though I’m sure it will evolve and grow after our next visit… Yes, we are totally planning on going back!

Bakery Croissanterie Egstorf
We stumbled upon this tiny bakery whilst trying to find our way around Central Amsterdam and were lured in by the smell of strong coffee, fresh croissants and warm waffles. They had tasty-looking baguettes on offer too, but I had to have a waffle – plus, it was a bit early for a chicken-pesto sandwich. Edward also ordered himself a latte, which was apparently very good.

Better known as the Red Light District, it’s a must see in Amsterdam. We went during the daytime so I can’t say how it is at night, but it was definitely an interesting visit. At first, it’s a bit disturbing to see the prostitutes behind windows but it seems absolutely normal to them; most of the women we have seen were just scrolling on their phones whilst waiting for clients. The area does feel shady so I wouldn’t go there alone at night, but you can’t visit Amsterdam without paying a visit to the well-known district. Just make sure you don’t take photos!

Vlaams Frieshuis Vleminckx
Vleminckx Sausmeesters advertise themselves as the ‘home of the best fries from Amsterdam’ and I have to say, I quite agree with them! Their fries are delicious and you can choose from 25 different sauces to top them with; I opted for the classic mayonnaise (continental mayo, yum!) and Edward went for the curry ketchup, which was very tasty. It all comes in a cute little paper cone – great for ‘that’ Instagram photo, and ideal if you want to keep walking as you eat.

Even out of the season, Amsterdam’s famous flower market is worth a visit. It was probably not as colourful in November as it would have been in June but I enjoyed shopping for bulbs, looking at the plants and cheese, and buying cute wooden tulips trinkets for friends and family back home.

FOAM Museum
We stumbled upon the FOAM Museum whilst looking at the map for our next stop and after reading a few reviews online, decided to give it a try. We certainly didn’t regret it! The FOAM is a quirky museum showing all sorts of ever-changing photography displays. We particularly liked the vintage posters (as pictured above) and the small exhibition of crime scene photographs from the 1980s that were showcased with notes from the original case files and excerpts from interviews with the policemen involved conducted by the artist.

21 thoughts on “Exploring Amsterdam

  1. I’ve been there too but this is more than a decade ago. I liked all the channels, and small alleys. And the fact that people love their bicycles there :) Your photos definitely show how I have Amsterdam in memory :)

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  2. I love your photos! Especially that bike with a duck on the seat! It doesn’t look very easy to rise, but I love seeing quirky things like that! Those massive locks are amazing too!

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  3. Amsterdam is definitely on my travel list! I’m hoping at some point in the next few years I can make a big trip to Europe. I love these pictures!

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  4. This makes me SO EXCITED for Amsterdam this summer! I was worried we wouldn’t get enough of a visit in 3 days, but your post has me feeling so much better. You saw so much in such a short amount of time! As usual, your photos are just stunning! ❤️❤️


  5. Oh wow super beautiful photos. Sounds so fun! I would like 25 different dipping sauces for my fries at ALL times please. Guess I’ll have to move to Amsterdam! Thanks for the re-location tip ;)

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