Congratulations, it’s a visa!

Today – 72 days after my first application, 60 days after that horrible day in Croydon and 45 days after my second application – I was finally granted a 30-month leave to remain by the British Home Office.

It was not at all like I had imagined… I didn’t see the email come in. Edward rang me and I could hear the excitement in his voice; when he mentioned our solicitor’s name, I knew. I checked my inbox and there it was…

FLR(M) Screenshot

After months of chasing paperwork and waiting, I thought the announcement of a renewed visa would make me want to dance. Instead, I felt (and still feel) very quiet – almost shocked. It didn’t sink in. I’m happy and relieved, of course! But I have yet to fully process the news…

Our passports will be here by the end of the week and my residence permit should follow shortly. Maybe it will make it all more tangible? Until then, I’m not sure I can fully believe it.

14 thoughts on “Congratulations, it’s a visa!

  1. This is such exciting news!! YAY!!!! I can’t even imagine having to go through all that work just to stay in a country where you’ve lived for so long and with your husband. It seems so overwhelming. But I’m glad that it’s moving along now!

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    1. Thank you! ☺️ I’m sure getting all the paperwork back will help… Holding the shiny little sticker will make it more real. Then, I’ll be pirouetting around my kitchen for sure!


  2. This is wonderful news! For a moment, I thought this read “30 days” and I was about to rant and rave for you! 30 months is far better than 30 days 😜.

    I understand why you feel shocked, like you haven’t quite felt the news. I’d feel the same way.

    Just an FYI: I might want to take just a couple of days to go to France while I’m over in your neck of the woods 😉

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    1. Aww, thank you friend! I always appreciate a good rant when it’s deserved! ;)

      I still feel a bit shocked… I can’t wait to get my passport and residence permit back (it was delayed because of the ‘snowstorm’ last week).

      Ooh, where in France?! Do you need an interpreter? ;)

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