Bedroom Inspiration

I was inspired by No Love for Fatties and her cute Pinterest finds to share some inspiration of my own.

We have recently decided to redecorate our bedroom and I have been scouting Pinterest for ideas. We moved into our house only two years ago so it may seem a bit early to redo an entire room, but we barely owned anything at the time and stockpiled Ikea stuff more to fill empty space than to fit our tastes. The place looks lovely, but generic… It needs doing.

We are still in the planning stage and have yet to make any final decision… Colours and feature walls have been discussed (possibly a darker hue with some sort of warm grey) and we will invest in pure linen for the bed, but that’s the extent of it so far.

Like in those photos*, I’d like something cosy, warm and intimate… Somewhere to spend lazy Sunday mornings (at least when we’re not hitting the trails) and a sanctuary for early nights.

Although the bedroom is our main project, most rooms will get some sort of revamp: a fresh coat of paint for the family bathroom, new accessories for the en-suite (especially a new shower tray for soap and shampoo bars as we are trying to reduce our single plastic use) and little touch-ups in the living room and dining space… I also want to do some decluttering in the office and kitchen. It should keep me busy!

Now, I can’t wait to go get paint samples over the weekend…

* All images from Pinterest.

3 thoughts on “Bedroom Inspiration

  1. I really like redecorating rooms! I hope you have fun with it.

    When were were in the UK, I fell in love with the little greene paint company. I found their paints better quality than the normal posh brands like Farrow and Ball. We found them after asking which company our builders recommended. :)

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    1. Ooh, I’ll have a look for this brand! ☺️ I love redecorating too… And I feel it’s time I build a ‘home’ now that I’ve been here for over two years and planning on staying for the foreseeable future! 🏡

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