Phone-Free Weekend

Last Friday night, after spending most of a bad day (and week) looking at a screen, I decided to switch off my phone for the weekend. More accurately, I uninstalled social media apps, turned off useless notifications (all but calls from my parents and professional emails) and unplugged the Wi-Fi – apart from a short message on the family group chat and that one photo I posted on Instagram on Sunday evening, I stayed away from technology.

It felt amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, I like social media. For all the bad press it gets – and I’m in a good place to know it can be used to cause hurt – it also has many benefits. As a freelancer, it allows me to network with potential clients and have some kind of office banter with virtual colleagues. As an expat, it helps me stay in touch with friends and family back home. Like everyone else, I also use social media to stay informed, get inspired and connect with people who share similar interests. I met lots of wonderful people through my blog and social media accounts, and remain good friends with some of them. I even met my husband through a social sharing website!

But sometimes, it becomes too much.

Last week was stressful and draining. When Friday came rolling around, I felt anxious and overwhelmed – a fertile emotional ground for comparison.

I often feel like social media and its constant stream of words, images and videos create ‘noise’ in my head; I needed some quiet time in my own mind to relax and collect myself. I know mindfulness sounds like a cliché buzzword, but even without embracing the whole thing, a few hours of just ‘being there’ can work wonders on one’s state of mind…

Since then, Edward and I have made a conscious effort to reduce the time we spend looking at screens, especially when it’s for unproductive stuff. We still watch TV (we are currently binging Suits on Netflix) and use our laptops, tablets and phones to write, edit photos and put together vlogs, but we try to limit this to a few hours every week. Some evenings, we even tuck all electronics away in a drawer and forget about them!

I still love social media (and look forward to the day where I can set everything back to public), yet I truly enjoyed those few days off it. And even though this week was a million times better than the last, I’m considering taking at least a few hours away from any screen ‘just because’…

Happy weekend!

5 thoughts on “Phone-Free Weekend

  1. I was actually thinking about this last night – where I wanted to take a break from all things technological. Some days the notifications drive me insane! Thankfully, this week I found out that I could turn off my email notifications without unsyncing my accounts on my iPhone. It’s amazing! I’ve started doing that at work so that if the kids need my phone for homework, the alerts don’t pop up. I want to take a full day away from wifi but things always come up that I will have to use it. It’s hard to take a full disconnect from it.

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    1. It’s hard to disconnect, but sooo worth it! I read a lot about minimalism after I started working from home and I found some articles about technological minimalism… Very interesting, and I try to apply it. I have almost no notifications on my phone, I let it on ‘do not disturb’ after 5PM and all the distracting apps are hidden in a folder so I don’t use them as mindlessly. But I get what you’re saying… There’s always something that comes up and you turn the WiFi on and suddenly you’re down a Facebook rabbit-hole! If you try a mini digital detox, let me know how it goes. :)


  2. Félicitations! Tu as compris ce qu’un gros lot de gens ne saisissent pas. Beaucoup sont ”addicted”. Les réseaux sociaux sont très utiles, mais il faut savoir décrocher. De notre côté, on ne regarde plus du tout la télé. Il y a trop de négatif et de choses inutiles qui abrutisssent le cerveau. Nous nous concentrons sur ce qui est constructif et ce qui nous fait évoluer. On a quand même nos séries préférées qu’on regarde sur Netflix ou en streaming, mais c’est différent dans le sens où rien ne nous est imposé. On a du plaisir et on rigole en les regardant et ca nous fait décompresser. Alors bravo à toi ma belle amie. Bisous!!!

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    1. Je pense que c’est facile de se laisser distraire par les réseaux sociaux. Le hit de dopamine est fort et tellement plaisant! Mais je pense que tout le monde gagnerait à devenir plus conscient de leur usage… J’ai unfollowé des comptes et des pages par centaines parce qu’elles me rendaient anxieuses ou n’avaient simplement aucun usage pour moi. On n’a pas la télé non plus… Il faut payer ici, même pour les postes ‘de base’ alors on utilise seulement Netflix. Peut-être un peu trop, mais c’est une autre histoire, haha! Comme tu dis, au moins, rien ne nous est imposé. On choisi notre contenu. C’est puissant! Bisous cocotte! x

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