Favourite Trail Running Gear

I’ve shared some favourites before, but I wanted to write a post specially to share my favourite trail running gear – as you might have guessed from the title! I’ve hit the trails almost every week since April, so I’ve had a bit of time to determine what I like and dislike when it comes to running up and down mountains. I thought my (very limited) experience could perhaps help fellow beginners make wiser purchase decisions.

Salomon Speedcross 4Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

My first ever trail running shoes and I love them with all my heart. They are narrow so this pair needed a bit of stretching and some breaking in, but otherwise they are perfect. The logs kept me upright during many muddy runs!

Ultra Vesta 4.0Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 4.0 Hydration Pack

I like how snug this hydration pack is. No bouncing, no chaffing! It’s also spacious and can fit a two-litre bladder as well as all the essentials. The pockets on the front can be used for bottles, but also fit a large phone.

Suunto Spartan Trainer WHRSuunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Watch

I took an agonisingly long time to choose between this watch and the Garmin Fenix 5S, but I am so happy with my final decision! Comfortable, fashionable enough, and comes with a user-friendly software. The navigation feature is a favourite.

BuffBuff Yenta Pink Neck Gaiter

A present from Edward after I stretched my old one by wearing it under my motorcycle helmet. Warm enough for winter, but perfectly usable during the summer months if needed. I like the narrow fit of this buff, and the colour is simply gorgeous.

Nike Dri-FIT ShirtNike Pro Dri-FIT Short Sleeve Running Top

This shirt quickly became a favourite over the summer. It’s light and highly breathable, thanks to a mesh back. The sleeves are also the perfect length: no annoying underarm chaffing due to weirdly placed fabric!

Alpkit GravitasAlpkit Gravitas Ultralight Waterproof Jacket

The jacket that kept me perfectly warm and dry during a long run through a massive rainstorm! Definitely my best running gear investment so far. The slim-fit is ideal on windy days and takes very little space in a backpack.

Panache Sports BraPanache Sports Moulded Bra

A well-fitted, breathable and supportive sports bra, perfect if your bust is on the heavier side. No more painful bouncing! It chafed a little at first, but it got better after a few washes. It also offers great coverage if you want to wear it on its own.


Montane Medusa Hoodie
Probably not a top I would choose to wear whilst running, but it seems like the perfect hoodie to have waiting in the car after a long winter run!

Salomon XA Elevate Trail Running Shoes
I own two pairs of road running shoes so it would only fair to have two pairs of trail running shoes! I also wanted shoes that would be more comfortable than the Speedcross on runs with road sections.

Petzl Bindi Headlamp
The perfect ‘just in case’ head torch to carry in my bag on the trails, but also a much-needed essential for winter running on the roads around the poorly lit village I live in.

Columbia Titan Ultra Half Zip Shirt
I probably already have too much running clothes, but this top seems like an ‘in between seasons’ essential. I also really love the colour!

Rab Merino 160 Gloves
Gloves are essential during the colder months, especially since I suffer with Raynaud’s disease. My hands get cold quickly, take ages to warm back up and the whole experience can be rather painful.

Happy shopping… and running!

5 thoughts on “Favourite Trail Running Gear

  1. I am also looking for buying a watch for going hiking for the past year. But I haven’t make my mind yet as I have a small wrist both watches are huge on me. Why they don’t create watches a bit smaller for women.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most are quite big… The Fenix 5S is apparently designed for smaller wrist but it felt huge on me! I find the Suunto fits well. It’s still big, but I don’t really notice is anymore. I think I have a photo of it on my write on Instagram if you want to see better what it looks like. 😊


  2. For some reason, I still don’t get your posts sent to my email, nor do you pop up on my Reader!
    I’m sorry I’ve been such a ghost follower- I’m just gonna have to keep checking back in on my own. <3

    Anyway –
    I LOVE smart watches! I have a Fitbit Blaze & it's the best thing ever. Props to you for even running/enjoying running! hahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s weird, but privacy settings are weird sometimes! Hopefully I’ll be able to put the blog back to public in a few weeks time too. Thank you for keeping an eye out though, that’s so nice of you! 💕

      I had a Fitbit Alta and then a Blaze for over a year; I loved it! It was not enough for the type of running I do anymore so I had to switch but I miss all the stats!



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