2018 Running Stats

I know I’m somewhat late for an end-of-year review but having recently signed up to #run1000miles in 2019, I felt an urge to check last year’s numbers to see how feasible that was… Turns out, with a bit of consistency, it’s totally achievable!

In 2018, I ran a total of 704.1 miles (compared to 344.2 the previous year). It represents 157 runs and almost 147 hours of running! I hit the trails for 217.2 of those miles and climbed 49,833 feet… That’s higher than the Everest!

My highest mileage month was June with 108.3 miles and my lowest mileage month was December with a measly 19.5 miles. I took two weeks off during the holidays; I was extremely tired and the motivation was lacking.

I completed two challenges: I ran 75 miles in February and ran every single day during the month of June.

I also ran two races. In August, I took part in the Nottingham 10K with Edward and our friend Mike; in October, I ran the Tough 10 Peak District. It was my first ever trail race and I finished in 1 hour 25 minutes, which I was quite proud of since I was only a few minutes behind Edward who is usually a much faster runner than I am!

I never seem to have enough running shoes, but I managed to limit myself to three pairs in 2018. I started the year with my trusted Ravenna 8 and bought my first pair of Salomon Speedcross 4 in March. After sustaining an ankle injury in the early summer, I went for a gait analysis and left with my now very-much-loved Ghost 10.

Aside from my trainers, my favourite pieces of gear were my Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 4.0 hydration pack, my Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR watch (the navigation function is simply the best thing ever) and my tiny and very practical Petzl Bindi head torch.

That’s it for 2018!

2019 has been a little brutal to begin with, but after two years of insisting to my GP that there was something wrong with me, them replying that shortness of breath and fatigue are only due to my asthma, me arguing some more and a battery of blood tests and ultrasounds, I was finally diagnosed with iron deficiency. I just started taking a supplement that should be fully effective within a couple of weeks and will hopefully make running a tad easier.

My goals for this year – other than running 1000 miles (I convinced Edward to sign up with me so I have an accountability buddy) – are to run another trail race and my first official half marathon. A sub-60 York 10K with Mike has also been mentioned. Wish me luck for that one!

2018 was an excellent year of running. Here’s to hoping 2019 is just as good!

16 thoughts on “2018 Running Stats

  1. fantastic stats! Can’t wait to hear all the updates on reaching your 2019 goals! I’m missing running a lot right now. But it’s way too cold to be out and running here in Ontario – and we are just now starting our cold snap! haha! Can’t wait for the spring to get out and get running again!

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      1. It definitely does! Right now it’s a real feel of -19 lol but it’s super early still in the day, by the time I leave work at 3 it’ll be -12 but a real feel of -20. And tomorrow the real feel is between -20 and -35 all day. It’s a little insane. Especially since I’m going to the art gallery and I’m not planning on wearing my winter boots lol

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          1. We’ve been really lucky in Toronto so far. I haven’t had to wear my winter boots at all! But today it’s changing haha! I’m like you, I don’t mine the snow but I am not a fan of the cold

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          2. That’s lucky indeed! I do miss winter though, even if I prefer slightly milder ones. Here in the UK, it’s grey-ish and mild all year round so all the seasons seem to blur into one.

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  2. Woooah I am so impressed that you managed to run so far!! That makes me wonder how far we walked on hikes last year (I don’t think it will be anywhere as far!)

    I hope 2019 will be similarly epic for you!!

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    1. Thanks! I think running is what kept me sane during the whole visa thing, so I really ran a lot at the beginning of last year… I’m hoping to be more consistent with my mileage this year!

      Do you track your hikes at all with an app? There’s a #walk1000miles challenge too. 😉

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      1. I do track the day hikes, but I never considered adding them all up (it’s not very accurate on my phone!)

        Although, I could get a lot further skiing! My phone things I traveled 78 km yesterday on skis!!

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          1. Heh, looking at my phone, I think it counted the time on the lifts/gondolas as well, so the real distance is probably half that!!

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          2. Still, that’s a good distance! I’ve never skied, but I can imagine you’re a little sore today! Are you having extreme cold weather on the West Coast? It reached -30 in Québec yesterday. Brrr!

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          3. No, it’s gorgeous and warm here! We have to drive for a couple of hours to reach the snow! Even then, there is sooo much less snow than last year.

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