Goodbye Winter Blues

Back in Quebec, I loved winter. I enjoy winter sports, so I always welcomed the ice-skating and snow-shoeing season. Even running is more fun when snow is involved!

Lumie – SAD Lamp – Dawn Simulator – Winter Blues

But British winters are very different from Canadian ones: they’re darker, rainier and seemingly endless. The gloomy mornings can make it quite a challenge to get (and stay) out of bed.

The thing is… I don’t normally have trouble waking up – according to Edward, I can be annoyingly perky in the morning! But three years of bleak British winters turned my previously mild SAD into a full-blown one. I had managed fine until last year, when I became self-employed. Having nowhere to be made it even harder to get out of bed and since constant sleepiness and lack of motivation are not conductive to good business, I had to find a way.

I tried a few things – vitamins, changes to my diet, etc. – and after doing some research into SAD lamps, ordered the Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100.


The Bodyclock is not a classic SAD lamp, it’s a dawn simulator alarm clock. It creates a 30-minute ‘sunrise’ to wake you up naturally and boost energy levels. I admit I was doubtful at first, but after using mine for almost four months, I can say it works for me. No more dragging myself out of bed to the startling noise of a shrieking phone!

You can choose to add a ‘beep’ at the end of the sunrise timer, but it’s a gentle sound. The clock also has a ‘sunset’ setting, which I find quite relaxing. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to program it to start at the same time every night so you have to do it manually.

If you suffer from SAD (or if you’re just not a morning person), I can’t recommend this lamp/alarm clock/sunrise simulator enough.

So… Good morning, I guess?

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter Blues

    1. I’ve been struggling too, but the lamp made SUCH a difference! I really recommend it. It makes it easier to wake up, and I also feel much more awake and alert during the day. Is the weather getting better over there?

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      1. It’s been very sunny for quite a few days! And it’s been warmish haha! Like Sunday was warm enough to spend an hour or so in the park in the sun in the afternoon but I had my winter coat on. I was with the mister and he just had a puffy vest and by the time we left he was feeling the cold. But the next couple of days are supposed to be like 8 degrees! Woo to the hoo!

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        1. Ooh, that’s snow-melting weather! Spring is in the way! Guys never dress for the weather, do they?! I sometimes have to remind my husband that -2 (it doesn’t get much colder here) is coat weather even if the sun is out, haha! Ooh, so happy for you and the mister. I hope it works out!

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          1. Haha!! I had told him it was nice out but where I was it wasn’t windy, where we met up by his place was windy so it was colder.

            I’m usually the one who isn’t dressed for the weather. I told him I was going to leave my winter coat at home and he told me not to lol

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  1. Oooh if/when I ever move home, I think I need to get one of these too!

    I used to find winters really difficult too. I have to admit, Canadian winters seem to suit me better. Vancouver actually has more rain than I am used to back home, and it can be pretty grey… but I think being able to go out and do winter sports makes a huuuge difference to feeling mildly SAD.

    I hope the weather (and light) is on the turn and that you’ll enjoy the gorgeous blossoms this spring! Oooh I hope you can find some bluebell woods too. That is one thing i really miss from the English countryside.

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    1. I find winters so much harder here… I think it’s probably because I used to spend so much more time outside back home, with winter sports and the walking commute.

      I’ve heard that Vancouver is rainier… But just across the Rockies, Calgary is the driest and sunniest city in Canada (or so I’ve been told). Funny!

      Oh, I’ve never seen bluebell woods! We’re planning a trip to the Lake District soon but I’m not sure there’s bluebells there. I like to visit London at this time of the year and see all the blossom tree and wisterias in Kensington. :)

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          1. If you find any good places, let me know. I’m thinking of writing a post about the best bluebells, so I can link you your page if/whenever you write about them. ;)

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