WIP Wednesday | Hand-Knitted Socks

Is there anything comfier than hand-knitted socks? I’m currently working on my second pair using this pattern (tiny circular needles are the best knitting invention in my opinion) and this gorgeous yarn. It’s a ‘hand-wash only’ blend of merino and bamboo so probably not the best choice for everyday socks, but I hope it’ll make good hiking socks.

Halfway through knitting the leg of Sock #2 with tiny Addi Sock Wonder circular needles.

It’s a slow-going project – I cast on Sock #1 at the beginning of February and started Sock #2 almost three weeks ago – but that’s how I like it. I often switch between the socks and chunkier, more mindless knits to avoid getting frustrated with the most challenging parts.

Though when those parts (heel, gusset and toe) are done, socks are the perfect ‘on the go’ project. My mother-in-law gave me a super cute WIP bag for my birthday and I’ve carried it pretty much everywhere since.

I’m not sure what I’ll cast on next, but Edward has asked for ankle-length socks so I might give that a try!

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