I was hesitant to publish this but after reading Jeff’s post, I decided to add my voice to all the coronavirus chatter already out there. As Jeff pointed out, we’re all dealing with this situation in our own unique ways. And writing is a brilliant way to cope with new challenges.

The COVID-19 global pandemic is currently bringing the world to a quarantined standstill and ‘normal’ life is changing frighteningly fast. In this age of 24/7 news, it’s easy to get caught up in the panic and mistake selfishness for survival instinct, or denial with level-headedness. Even though I understand the fear behind those behaviours, I find it increasingly difficult to excuse hoarders and those who refuse to follow the recommendations for social distancing.

For my own sanity’s sake, I decided to cut down on social media and focus on hope.

I want have to believe that things like this happen for a reason and that it’ll spark positive changes. Already, life is slowing down and many of us are going back to basics with home-cooked meals, walks in the countryside (please, be sensible) and quality time with our loved ones. People are looking out for each other, encouraging local businesses whenever possible and realising the importance of all those ‘unskilled’ workers. And since the ban on non-essential travel, our air is actually getting cleaner!

I’m not trying to romanticise the situation – I’m aware of how fortunate I am to be able to carry on almost as normal whilst many are risking their lives – but I wonder if it would really be so bad for some of these changes to stick?

The UK is officially on lockdown as of today, which is both terrifying and a massive relief (maybe stricter guidelines and the threat of substantial fines will finally convince people to stay at home). The next few months will certainly be challenging and anxiety-inducing for most of us – compassion is more important than ever – but in the meantime, be safe.

And don’t forget to wash your hands!

24 thoughts on “Pandemic

  1. Gigglingfattie brought me here and I have fallen down the rabbit hole once again. From hippos to flamingos, it’s always a zoo party here on WP. Yes, it doesn’t hurt to cut down on social media consumption especially during this rather confusing and challenging time. 🧘‍♀️🌱

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    1. The zoo thing really made me laugh; welcome to the land of flamingos! And yes, cutting down on social media (and media in general) has been really helpful this past week… The screen time feature of my iPhone informs me that I went from an average of 6 hours a day last week to roughly 2 hours this week.

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      1. That’s amazing, keep up the good work! 🎉🥳 I don’t remember the last time my screen time was only 2 hours. I also have an iPhone so I know what feature you’re talking about. Being Hilary-ous, I am happy I could make you laugh! 😂

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        1. My screen is usually shamefully high because I use my phone a lot for work, but it’s been good to use only my laptop for work lately. I’ve block all social media and news website on there so I can’t even be tempted!

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          1. Yes, there are other options besides using the phone for work. I’m glad that you discovered its cousin – the laptop. I highly suggest switching over to your laptop for social media use. Blocking addictive apps using chrome extensions really helps as well! 🙂


  2. I have to admit my life hasn’t seen much of a change due to these restrictions. But I am starting to get angry at those who aren’t following the rules. My cousin’s wife posted today on fb that her neighbours are having a party! And at least three times last week (during March break) the child of the family had play dates with multiple other children. I find it so irresponsible! Like I had a friend who went on a hike with his friends this weekend. Drive separate, stay far apart, ok whatever it’s stupid but at least half smart. But play dates?! Parties?! What?!

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    1. My day-to-day life is pretty much the same too – without the regular trips to the grocery store. It’s unbelievable how many people are not respecting the rules, isn’t it?! We live in a cul-de-sac and there’s a little green space right in front of my house… On Monday night – while the PM was announcing the lockdown – there was like 10 kids out there playing full contact soccer and spitting at each other! Like… WTF?! I hope the new stricter rules will help…

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      1. Yeah. We have our provincial health minister on tv every day saying “play dates are not social distancing. going to swim class or karate class is not social distancing. keep your children at home” etc etc. Like now every class and program is cancelled but like why are people not understanding this? lol

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        1. I know, right? I mean… They closed the schools so children could stay at home, not so they could go play with their friends. It’s not a holiday! They’ve had to padlock all the kids playgrounds around here this morning because they were still crowded yesterday.

          Do you know when you’ll go back to school, or do you think it’ll last until the next school year?

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          1. We were told by the government not April 6th but that’s it. I honestly think it will be September. I’m ready for it. I’m already in full teacher mode online. And I’m getting annoyed at parents who aren’t replying to emails, even if it’s just to say “hey yes we know the lessons are there, but we are struggling with adjusting right now so please be patient with us”. That’s not too hard to do when I spend the time to track down your email and craft a pleasant “hhheeeeyyyy so classes have started and you’re dropping the ball” email! lol

            Our playgrounds are closed and a lot have signs that say they aren’t being disinfected or cleaned. But we don’t have padlocks for a lot of them. Took a walk around to a neighbourhood school on Sunday and there’s no way they can lock people out. No one was there except one lady doing some running though :)

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          2. Yeah, I think people who believed this will all be over in a few weeks are quite optimistic! It must be a very different experience to teach online, but it sounds fun. Except for dealing with annoying parents, of course!

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          3. I’m honestly hoping to be back to life as normal by September. For Canada, I think it might be possible? I have a friend who keeps wanting to meet up and I have to keep telling him it’s social distancing. Like my birthday is on the 15th and he’s all “maybe you’ll invite me over for dinner that day” like no. But six months I’d think is a good timeline for “normal life” to resume? Don’t you think? Lol

            The parents have started to settle down! Like each day I get fewer emails and one suggested a few changes to my slides which I think were brilliant and will help a lot of families. But still have not heard from one family at all! Like I even sent an email to the moms personal account! If nothing by Monday I’ll ask administration to reach out.


  3. I have also had to limit my media intake. I’m okay with staying in so far but it’s when I start thinking about the future and all the plans we had this spring I get a bit down. I also can’t believe how many people are not taking this seriously even after the lockdown announcement the other night (including my husband’s work where he is daily coming into contact with at least 100 people while not doing any essential work then coming home to me being pregnant). And Sports Direct! Realy?!? Greed is being put above health in a lot of cases and it’s very sad and frustrating. But we are trying to stay positive and have been enjoying the sunshine in our hammock in the backyard and I’ve planned a Skype tea date this week with my best friends back home who are also on lockdown. I hope you’re keeping safe and well :) x

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    1. I understand. I try to not think too far ahead and take it one day at a time to avoid panicking… It’s very frustrating to see the greed that guides some people. Sports Direct is clearly not an essential business! Do you know if your husband will be allowed to work from home soon or is it not even on the cards?

      I think staying positive and being grateful for the little things is key. And obviously, you have something very positive on the way! Congratulations! I remember our first few chats about LDR before I moved here. I’m glad to see you and your husband are still going strong and doing so well!

      Stay safe and take care. xx


        1. I still like the UK, but I also miss home. I’ve not been back since I moved here so maybe that’s why! My visa is up for renewal (yet again) at the end of the summer, so if all goes well we’ll stay here. We’ve discussed moving ‘someday’ but I’m quite settled here for now. :)


  4. Yay! I can see your blog again! I din’t know why it wasn’t working for me for a while!

    I am glad to hear the UK is finally on lock down and I really hope you’re all doing okay.

    Up until the weekend we were still popping out into the wilderness for easy walks. But it sounds like so many people were ignoring the rules and meeting up a lakes/beaches for BBQs that they have closed access to all the national/provincial parks. I am doing okay during the week now we are all working from home…but it is going to be really strange not to be out hiking from the weekend. I am not looking forward to being stuck at home on weekends. :(

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    1. Yay! I also had a bug with WordPress last week. It didn’t show new posts from blogs I follow in my reader? Thankfully, it looks solved now.

      It was quite a relief to be put in lockdown if I’m honest… There are still people not respecting the rules, but the majority seems to be getting it now.

      Yes, I heard national parks were being closed over there! The National Trust had to do the same thing here – only two days after announcing that their parks and gardens would be open for free. People flocked there over the weekend, and here we are! I’m lucky that we’re in the countryside so there are still plenty of quiet roads and paths for us to explore safely. I’m really hoping they won’t have to make the lockdown even stricter and forbid everyone to go outside at all…

      Bless you, it must be torture to have all those beautiful mountains so close but not being able to hike! Let’s hope this is all over soon. Stay safe!

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  5. I have to say I totally agree. Most of what we’re dealing with now isn’t normal by any means, but it’s a change that we could all definitely get used to after a long period of time. The earth is finally healing after years & years of abuse mankind has put on it, so it’s really nice to see a lot of those effects – no more smog in India, crystal clear water in Italy, lions in South Africa roaming freely & hanging out on the roads!

    We obviously need to deal with this crisis and will likely not return to normal anytime soon. I think these changes will be nice to have in the long run. Here’s hoping we get through this safely. <3

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees silver linings. Some things will certainly get back to normal, but I think we could learn from the experience and apply some changes to our daily lives when all this is over… Like using our cars less, shopping less for non-essentials, working from home more to reduce traffic and pollution, etc.

      Wishing you and your loved ones all the health! x

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