Lockdown | Day 22

The UK is now on Day 22 of its ‘official’ lockdown.

I was going to write a different post – a much more political one – but decided against it. These discussions are needed, of course, but there are people far better qualified than I am to spark necessary debates. There’s a lot of finger-pointing and ‘pandemic shaming’ online at the moment, and I don’t want to add to that. Instead, I’ll document my own lockdown experience – because as I said before, writing is a brilliant way to deal with new situations.

To be honest, I don’t have anything very exciting to report. I was already working from home and keeping in touch with family via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom pre-quarantine, so not much has changed. The biggest adjustment is that now Edward is also here full-time and we share my office. I was a little worried that we’d get on each other’s nerves, but it hasn’t happened yet. We just try to be mindful of one another’s personal space and alone time.

Other than that, life under quarantine really isn’t that different. The lockdown actually came as a relief – streets emptied out, people started respecting the physical distancing rules and my stress level went down. I still have fears and concerns, but I don’t feel more anxious than usual. Either there’s something wrong with me, or the years of therapy are finally paying off!

It probably helps that work has kept me busy. I landed a few translation jobs before this all started and handed over the last of the files only yesterday. Perhaps my mood will change now that things are slowing down…

Still, I look forward to spending some time on other stuff this week. I want to sort through my stash before ordering yet more yarn (it’s an addiction) and I’m really hoping to finish Sock #2 today so I can cast on the next project.

Our cosy little house sadly doesn’t have a garden, so we’re somewhat limited when it comes to enjoying the sunshine. Thankfully, we’re still allowed outside to exercise and there are plenty of public footpaths, farmer tracks and quiet lanes around for us to explore. Even the cats get their daily ‘walk’ (grass-chewing session would be more accurate) on the tiny green space across the way!

Autumn is usually my favourite season but this year, I’m all about spring. Our village is currently full of flowering bulbs and blossom trees. It’s a soothing reminder that dark days don’t last forever…

How about you? How are you coping with social distancing? How do you keep busy?

15 thoughts on “Lockdown | Day 22

  1. Honestly I haven’t had too much of a change in my regular life due to the quarantine. I’m a homebody haha. I do miss my students and work life and I’m missing someone a lot right now. We almost met up four weeks ago but the day we were going to meet was the day our state of emergency was announced so we didn’t and still haven’t. But texting and video calls are good ☺️ I am getting outside and exercising more haha twice a day if I can! But also just made 12 cupcakes that I’m about to frost…. 😂

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    1. I’m a homebody too, especially since moving here so there’s not a lot I miss at the moment. Maybe runs in the Peak District?

      Aww, I’m sorry your missing ‘the guy’… But I’m glad you can still keep in touch! There’ll be plenty of time to meet once the quarantine is over. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess?

      Oh, birthday cupcakes? I hope you enjoy your pandemic birthday and that you manage to make it fun despite everything going on. xx

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      1. I am missing just the option of being able to do things haha. Now there is no option so now I want to do things HAHA

        And yes, I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder! I’m not even sure what is going on with him and me but we at least have the time to start figuring it out? I think he’s happy that it’s my birthday, now he can stop getting “– more sleeps!!” every time I say goodnight HAHAHAHA

        So far I am massively enjoying my birthday! :D A student found out somehow and I woke up to an email from her and a drawing she made. So sweet! And of course, you saw on Insta that I had my cupcake for breakfast hehe

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        1. I’m glad you had such a great birthday! That cupcake you posted on Instagram looked absolutely delicious… Your students sound so cute! How old are they?

          I think there are many positives to starting a relationship from a distance. The husband and I started like that, too! We were able to have really deep discussions, figure stuff out and be sure that we had similar life goals before getting distracted by all the ‘in person’ stuff. It sounds like what you have is really sweet and I hope it evolves in the direction you wish… Especially after this whole quarantine thing!

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          1. My students are adorable! LOL they are in grade two so ranging from 6-8. That cupcake was so delicious! I have 5 more in the fridge after I gave half of them away lol but they are so light and fluffy! Falls apart while trying to eat it lol

            There definitely are lots of positives! We’ve known each other for a year now so the friendship is definitely there. We will just have to wait and see if it grows into something more.

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  2. I also haven’t had too much of a change in my lifestyle. I’ve been working from home for almost a month now and it’s okay; kind of getting to be a drag but it is what it is. Since I live at home with my parents, I set up in my bedroom, which has its challenges haha. I’ve been reading, watching Netflix/TV, and running (which is the only time I really leave the house). I never went out too much before but it was just nice to have that option, ya know?

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    1. I’m glad I’m not alone! How is it working from home for you? Can you do pretty much everything from home or did you have to put projects on the back burner for now?

      It’s great that you’re still running. It’s what keeps me sane these days! It really helps with the cabin fever. It’s getting warm and summery here so runs are quite pleasant.

      Yeah, I miss the option too sometimes… I mostly miss visiting the national parks over the weekend. Do you have a place you really miss going to?

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      1. Fortunately, I can do everything from home; all I need is my laptop and phone. I normally work off my desktop at work but my department has a joint Dropbox that I was able to move my folders into so I can access them at home. I’ve been able to keep working on my projects so that’s good.

        Same here. I’m glad at least it’s spring and not winter because I’d definitely never leave my house haha.

        I miss the town library the most, but also going to Target to get random stuff and going out for dinner.

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  3. Hahahaha “the years of therapy are finally paying off”. That’s gold, my friend!
    I’m glad to hear you’re staying safe. The personal distance issue in public has always bugged me, so I’m enjoying this distancing a lot more, too!
    My boyfriend & I have been taking to longer walks out in nature & lots of movie/game nights. Our latest addictions include Scrabble, Clue, and Charades. Super cheesy, but so much fun. :)

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    1. Hahaha! Well… All I can say is that therapy is finally proving to be an excellent investment!

      It seems like you and the boyfriend are keeping busy! We’ve been walking and running a lot too. Nature is very soothing I find.

      I wish we had a Clue game here! I haven’t played in years. Funnily, it’s called Cluedo here. We don’t play Scrabble much because English is not my first language so I always feel disadvantaged, but we’ve played a load of Trivial Pursuit, which is really fun. And surprisingly difficult!

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      1. Hahaha that’s so interesting! I didn’t know the name of it changed overseas! Well you should definitely play again – it’s short, sweet, and to the point.
        I haven’t played Trivial Pursuit in a looonnngg time! Definitely gonna have to grab that!
        Which language is your first? Your blogs are written so well, I honestly would never have guessed your native language was anything else! <3

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          1. Oh my goodness – I never would’ve guessed! You’re a great writer. I’m seriously so impressed & amazed by you. <3


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