WIP Wednesday | Twisted Headband

Being relatively new to knitting hasn’t stopped me from hoarding a decently sized yarn stash. I’ve been meaning to work knit my way through it for a while now and the lockdown seemed like the perfect opportunity to get started.

My first ‘de-stashing’ project is a simple twisted headband. I’m using Bernat Softee Baby Chunky (in ‘cosy grey’) because I had half a skein left from knitting a teeny tiny hat for a friend’s newborn. It’s warm and incredibly soft – ideal for winter wear!

Simple Twisted Headband

My workload is crazy lately so I wanted a straightforward project to work on while relaxing in front of the TV. I couldn’t find a suitable pattern for what I had in mind, so I improvised something from bits seen here and there online using only basic knit stitches and purlwise slip stitches.

Progress has been slow, but I’m hoping to finally cast off this weekend. And if the weather stays that way, I’ll be able to wear it too!

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