Running Inspiration

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Even though I feel like I spent most of 2019 on my feet, I also spent a lot of time with my nose in the pages of a book. Obviously, running tales were my top choice. Reading about other runners and their truly admirable feats kept me motivated when I thought of giving up (which … Continue reading Running Inspiration

My Netflix ‘Must Watch’ Shows

This post has been gathering dust in my draft folder for months now and I was planning to publish it in the fall, when days get shorter and snuggling up with Netflix becomes the activity of choice. However, with everyone currently #stayingthefuckhome in a bid to flatten the coronavirus transmission curve, I thought a few … Continue reading My Netflix ‘Must Watch’ Shows

July Books

Open books, glasses and a cup of coffee in bed

August already? Where has time gone?! Not so long ago I was planning (and unfortunately cancelling) Canada Day celebrations, and now a new month is here... Despite its rocky start, July was good and we spent it surrounded by friends, family and mountains. It was a good month but a busy one, which didn't leave … Continue reading July Books